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Barbara teaches private students and gives group workshops as well. Her teaching experience includes the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School; the American Festival of Fiddle Tunes; California Traditional Music Summer Solstice Festivals; San Diego Folk Heritage festivals; Ashokan, New York Celtic Week, the annual Crossroads Ceiligh, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Gaelic Roots at Boston College; and the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp.

If you are interested in instruction and her teaching schedule, check the performance schedule page or contact Barbara at bmagone@sonic.net

"Barbara was able to break down in simpler terms what it is that she does which made it far easier to understand."

"Barbara is a warm, caring and generous teacher; she is also very funny in class!"

"Barbara explains things completely and her demonstrations are very clear."

"Barbara made it comfortable for everyone in class to play the piano, despite their varying levels of expertise."

"I learned a lot and was eager to get home to practice. The lesson was well worth the 200-mile round trip from Los Angeles to Barbara's home."
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