“Barbara MacDonald Magone is a piano player par excellence who grew up with the distinctive sounds of the great Cape Breton Scottish music tradition ringing in her ears. Whenever she plays, her deep love, knowledge and passion for the tunes, dances and characters she’s met on the way shines through.” —Alasdair Fraser, Scottish Fiddler

The notes she handles certainly better than most pianists, but the pauses between the notes--ah! that is where the art resides.  The love that Barbara has for traditional music and for that of her heritage is very evident; she is an extraorderinary musician.

--Seamus Connolly, Irish Fiddler

"Barbara Magone is one of my favourite musicians. She is a virtuoso pianist who makes music at the highest levels. Her creativity, impeccable taste, and rock solid timing always compliments the music and musicians she plays with. Barbara is the living tradition and the music she makes supports and compliments the great and ancient traditions of Scotland and Ireland - a rare musician indeed."
—James Kelly, Irish Fiddler

“It has been my great pleasure on more than a few occasions to be accompanied by the incomparable Barbara Magone.  She's a powerhouse on the piano, yes, but it's her love of music and her great wit that positively shine through in her performances.  There's no one better playing today!  Keep slaying 'em, Barbara- you're the best.” 
—Liz Carroll, Irish Fiddler

"Audiences love Barbara, not simply for her musical virtuosity, but for her engaging stage personality and vibrant sense of humor. Barbara sets the standard for Cape Breton piano playing with her intuitive and lively dance-inducing strathspeys and reel medleys, to soulful Scottish airs, to humorous interpretations of modern piano arrangements ."
—Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin, Irish concertina player

"She is one of the most sought after Celtic accompanists in North America; powerful yet sympathetic."  —Boston Globe